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Wheelchair Brakes: Maintenance and Adjustments

Your wheelchair’s brakes hold your wheelchair stationary and keep you safe, but do you know how to maintain and adjust your wheelchair brakes? Do you know how to spot when it is time to replace them? This article will tell you everything you need to know about your wheelchair brakes and how to keep them in […]

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grab bars

How to Choose the Best Grab Bars?

More than meets the eye – somehow that feels like the best way to start this little journey into the world of grab bars. Indeed, few things appear as simple and as humble, and yet manage to provide such a broad array of options which can provide new levels of quality to one’s life. As […]

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What does it mean to be disabled?

What does it mean to be disabled

I think about this a lot and, as a guy with disability and a wheelchair user, I always find that disability has very little to do with my weak muscles, but a lot to do with the world we’ve built ourselves, the society which sometimes seems almost too bent on excluding people like me, like […]

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collapsible wheelchair

Collapsible Wheelchair and Transportation

A collapsible wheelchair, or folding wheelchairs as they are sometimes known, are very simply wheelchairs that are able to be reduced in size easily to support storage and transportation.  They can be self-propelled or attendant propelled and generally have folding backrests to reduce height and a vertical ‘X frame’ to reduce width. Who benefits? Folding […]

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wheelchair wide

How Wide Should a Wheelchair Be?

When the time comes to get a new wheelchair there’s certainly lots to think about. What colour spokes should I get? Do I want Spinergy wheels? What will the cushion be like? But what about how wide should a wheelchair be? You’d be forgiven for not giving too much attention to the width of your […]

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