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Invacare Matrx

Invacare Matrx: Using A High Resilient Foam

Invacare Matrx products use a High Resilient foam that is constructed using a premium, open cell, flexible polyurethane foam structure. It also includes additives that do things like reduce the flammability of the cushion, stabilize the foam’s cell structure, and regulate the density. Foams are made up of tiny cells known as “struts” and “windows.” […]

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pressure mattress

Selecting the right pressure mattress to meet your needs

To support your selection of the right pressure mattress it is worth considering how a healthcare professional would begin to formulate their clinically reasoning to make the same decision. Braden score The Braden scale, made up of six subscales, is a measurement of risks that contribute to either higher intensity and duration of pressure or […]

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Pressure relieving mattress

Top 5 tips in choosing the right pressure redistributing mattress

There are so many variations of Pressure Redistributing Mattresses on the market that do/offer different things it can be difficult knowing what to do. This blog highlights the importance of pressure redictributing mattresses and what to consider when selecting one. What is a Pressure Ulcer? An area of localised injury to the skin and/or underlying […]

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invacare mattress

How an Invacare mattress can support proactive pressure management

Proactive pressure management is about considering the risks to skin integrity before areas of damage occur.   For those most vulnerable to development of pressure damage it is essential that you consider ensuring systems, routines and equipment such as an Invacare mattress are used to minimise that risk. What is the result of not proactively […]

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