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Handcycling: Is It Right For You?

Handcycling is a healthy form of exercise for people to enjoy. It is also quite an inclusive activity, as those using wheelchairs – and who have good upper body strength – can also participate. Read on to find out more.  Handcycles come in several different styles, so people with varying levels of ability should still […]

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disability aids for cars

Disability Aids for Cars: Travelling With Ease

Having the ability to get out and about can give a disabled person a lot of freedom, so having access to a car is a wonderful way to travel both near and far. With that, may come the need for disability aids for cars. Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket to save your arms […]

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Wheelchair Rugby: What Is It and How Do You Play?

Rugby is not just the domain of non-disabled athletes. Wheelchair rugby is a popular and robust game, with clear rules, for male and female wheelchair users, many of whom have spinal cord injuries, quadriplegia or paraplegia, neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or amputations. Certain formats of the game require that all players are quadriplegic […]

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Smartphone Apps to Make Disabled People’s Lives Easier

Smartphone Apps to Make Disabled People’s Lives Easier

With technology at our fingertips, times have never been so good when it comes to improving accessibility within our lives. As people become more connected than ever, ingenious and inventive smartphone apps are helping to expand people’s lives, improve inclusivity, and aid in the participation of new activities.  For disabled people, too, smartphone apps can […]

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Wheelchair Bike

Wheelchair bike: a step to equality

Read the story of our writer Raya Al-Jadir about how a wheelchair bike change her life as a disabled child and how important physical activity may be, even if you’re not fully aware of it. Raya is a freelance writer and a member of Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Trailblazers who has written for many outlets like […]

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wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair Tennis: How Do You Play It?

Game, set, match!  What do you know about wheelchair tennis? You’ve undoubtedly heard of Wimbledon with its infamous strawberries and cream and celebrity spectator crowd, but one of the most popular adaptive sports out there, the thrill of being outdoors whilst keeping fit and active, and having the opportunity to even play doubles with a […]

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What are mobility walkers and why do they help reduce falls?

Mobility walkers include standard walking frames with fixed stoppers, through to fully wheeled rollators.  There is a large range available, with a variety of features to reduce falls depending on how and where they will be used.  Mobility walkers with stoppers offer the most support, but those with wheels may be easier to move and […]

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