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lumbar spondylosis

Managing wheelchair dependency with a lumbar spondylosis

For regular wheelchair users your chair enables freedom and function that may not otherwise be possible. However, prolonged sitting, the biomechanical stress of functioning from a seated position and insufficient postural support can cause or exacerbate chronic back problems, such as lumbar spondylosis.   Using a wheelchair with any form of lumbar spondylosis therefore requires […]

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wheelchair size

Understanding wheelchair sizes and how to ensure it’s right for you

Whether choosing fixed or customizable wheelchair sizes the fit of your wheelchair affects both comfort and propulsion biomechanics, so getting it right is very important, particularly as many of the core measurements are set once ordered.   Unfortunately, while measurement guidelines help to understand the basic principles, there is no reliable formula and pre-prescribed rules […]

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pressure mattress

Selecting the right pressure mattress to meet your needs

To support your selection of the right pressure mattress it is worth considering how a healthcare professional would begin to formulate their clinically reasoning to make the same decision. Braden score The Braden scale, made up of six subscales, is a measurement of risks that contribute to either higher intensity and duration of pressure or […]

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The application of power tilt, recline and power elevating legs and how they assist with pressure, positioning and function

Whether you use a power wheelchair or manual wheelchair as your primary means of mobility, immobility alone is a high-risk factor for pressure injury.   Without the ability to change position and relieve pressure, many wheelchair users are at risk of developing pressure sores which can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, if you are […]

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