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Chair Cardio Exercises

The Top 5 Chair Cardio Exercises

Exercising is important for everyone. Cardiovascular (cardio) exercise is any activity that raises your heart rate and gets you sweating, and it’s a key part of a healthy lifestyle. But if you are a wheelchair user, the traditional cardio exercises designed for able-bodied people may be inappropriate. Chair cardio is one way that wheelchair users […]

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sport wheelchair

How Will Your Sports Wheelchair Support Health & Well-Being?

What is a sports wheelchair? A sports wheelchair is a self-propelled wheelchair, much like its everyday use relative, but with some specific differences. In the past they tended to be non-folding in order to be stronger and better balanced during tight turns and impacts, but they are now often made of light-weight, aero-grade materials which […]

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Wheelchair Bike

Wheelchair bike: a step to equality

Read the story of our writer Raya Al-Jadir about how a wheelchair bike change her life as a disabled child and how important physical activity may be, even if you’re not fully aware of it. Raya is a freelance writer and a member of Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Trailblazers who has written for many outlets like […]

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wheelchair tennis

Wheelchair Tennis: How Do You Play It?

Game, set, match!  What do you know about wheelchair tennis? You’ve undoubtedly heard of Wimbledon with its infamous strawberries and cream and celebrity spectator crowd, but one of the most popular adaptive sports out there, the thrill of being outdoors whilst keeping fit and active, and having the opportunity to even play doubles with a […]

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disability sports

How to get into Disability Sports.

Sport is an essential part of any active and healthy lifestyle. It’s essential to strike a balance between work, play and exercise, in order to maintain overall good health. Diet is also a key factor, but for the purposes of this article we’ll be focusing mainly on sport and more specifically, how to get into […]

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Champion wheelchair racer: Hannah Cockroft

Scooping two sportswoman of the year awards – including becoming the first para athlete to win SJA Sportswoman of the Year – the 25 year old from Halifax has gone from strength to strength. Here, we’ll tell you Hannah’s story, and run you through her 2017 highlights. Early Years Hannah Cockroft was born in Halifax […]

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