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Active wheelchair

What Should You Consider With a Children’s Wheelchair?

When choosing a children’s wheelchair, some of the things you may want to consider are versatility, adaptability, and personality. Not many chairs meet all three of these requirements. Check out this checklist that details the considerations you want to make, as well as lists some general tips on how to choose the right children’s wheelchair.   […]

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Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair – Compare It to Other Lightweight Models

Selecting a wheelchair is a complex process, with the ideal chair one that fits you and your lifestyle, rather than you adapting to it. By choosing an ultra-lightweight wheelchair you ensure daily comfort, much better manoeuvrability, minimise the risk of injury and increase durability. How does weight affect your wheelchair? Weight is often a central […]

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lightweight folding mobility scooters

Lightweight folding mobility scooters and community access

Mobility scooters are an excellent way to gain or maintain independence in comfort whilst allowing you to move around quickly, safely with efficient use of time and energy.   Lightweight folding mobility scooters are specially designed to be easily transported as well as being practical and durable. Lightweight folding mobility scooters are perfectly suited to […]

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The Action 3 Wheelchair Continues A Tradition of Excellence

The Action 3 wheelchair is one of Invacare’s most popular chairs. An optimized design and improved functionalities make it an exciting addition to the Action family of wheelchairs. And cross-compatibility with other Invacare wheelchair parts makes the process of improving or refurbishing the chair even faster than usual. Functionality, durability, and portability are three areas […]

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Self propelling folding wheelchair

Does your self-propelling wheelchair meet your individual needs?

A self-propelled folding wheelchair has two large back wheels for propulsion and is predominantly designed to allow the wheelchair user to manually and independently mobilise whilst remaining seated.  This is unlike an attendant propelled wheelchair which has smaller back wheels and is designed to be pushed by a carer/proxy. In determining whether your self-propelled folding […]

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Wheelchair Skills

So I Got my Manual Wheelchair- How do I Develop my Wheelchair Skills?

The first step to maximizing your manual wheelchair performance and function is properly maintaining the equipment.  Please refer to the blog on Maintaining your Manual Wheelchair for Optimal Performance!   Learning to use your chair properly and to the best of your ability will not only promote provide you increased function but also long term […]

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manual wheelchair

Maintaining your Manual Wheelchair for Optimal Performance!

Manual wheelchair performance is only as good as maintenance A smooth ride encourages efficient propulsion and decreases upper extremity repetitive strain injury.   Without wheelchair maintenance, an individual can feel as if they have lost function and/or need to move into a new piece of equipment when in fact some simple repairs improve the performance. In this […]

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