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Lightweight folding mobility scooters and community access

lightweight folding mobility scooters
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Mobility scooters are an excellent way to gain or maintain independence in comfort whilst allowing you to move around quickly, safely with efficient use of time and energy.  

Lightweight folding mobility scooters are specially designed to be easily transported as well as being practical and durable.

Lightweight folding mobility scooters are perfectly suited to those looking for a simple and practical transport solution.  Getting around and engaging in the community has never been more accessible than with this type of scooter, which eases the issues of managing heavier, bulkier aids which require more storage space.

Lightweight folding mobility scooters are ideal for those looking to maintain their normal daily routines with ease, giving them control to remain spontaneous with limited hindrance. These models not only help the user to get around more easily but facilitate transport with relative ease, enabling them to travel further whilst maintaining access to the scooter and the destination which would otherwise be out of reach.

How exactly does the lightweight folding mobility scooter support access to the community?


The fact that the scooter is lighter than other models reduces a great deal of physical strain and allows greater capacity to be lifted or maneuvered into a car or other long-range transport option.

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A reduction in weight also reduces the load that a carer may be lifting into the car or other storage/transportation space.  This supports the option for the task to be conducted more frequently without compromising the carer’s back care.


The folding feature, which can be manual or automated, allows the scooter to be transported from A-to-B in a standard vehicle with minimal fuss and effort.  This allows the user to access more distant environments that would have been otherwise inaccessible to them due to a combination of battery life or fatigue.

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If you are hoping to engage in activity that involves ‘off-road’ or rough terrain then it is unlikely that a lightweight folding mobility scooter will be the model for you.  This model of scooter is designed more specifically for someone who essentially wants to get to a destination of choice in comfort and with ease.  Standard public highway or paved/solid surfaces are ideal although the specific battery power will dictate how efficiently it manages inclines or more undulating terrain.

The scooter empowers the user to travel by other means, usually car, to a destination and then access more specific destinations from that point, for example: travel by car to a shopping center then use the lightweight folding scooter to get around in comfort and style.


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