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Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair – Compare It to Other Lightweight Models

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Selecting a wheelchair is a complex process, with the ideal chair one that fits you and your lifestyle, rather than you adapting to it. By choosing an ultra-lightweight wheelchair you ensure daily comfort, much better manoeuvrability, minimise the risk of injury and increase durability.

How does weight affect your wheelchair?

Weight is often a central choice, as a lightweight frame can increase the range of distance and terrains while offering greater protection from the strains of regular wheelchair use.  They are also easier to transport or store, particularly if lifted regularly. However, weight should be balanced with other features, particularly those affecting propulsion and manoeuvrability as an inefficient or poorly fitting wheelchair could create additional difficulties. Both lightweight and ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are common, though there are important features that influence this choice.

What causes weight difference?

Materials and adjustability are defining differences between ranges.  Standard wheelchairs are commonly steel, weighing 15kg+ and are sometimes foldable but with limited adjustability beyond size.  Lightweight wheelchairs are made of aluminium or steel alloys, weigh 13-16kg, are often foldable and offer adjustable features, such as removable armrests.

Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs weigh 6-14kg and are often made of aero-grade aluminium or titanium, with a high strength to weight ratio so they are not only lighter but last significantly longer, therefore more cost-effective and easier to maintain.  Also, ultra-lightweight chairs are often highly customizable to the individual, with additional adjustable features that add to the sustainability of the wheelchair.


The features of wheelchairs are numerous and choosing the correct one for you is important for comfort and usability.  Consider the features that matter most to you, when you will use it and how often it needs to be stored/transported, in addition to any customer needs. Look at the optional and adjustable features on each model to make selections that are bespoke to you and have the potential to change with your needs.  Additional accessories may add weight, so identifying a unit that is highly adjustable and customizable may reduce the additional cost or weight of further accessories.

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Frame type

A key choice may be a rigid versus folding frame or a combination of both, which are often available in ultra lightweight wheelchairs, whereas lightweight models are often foldable.  Rigid frames are the lightest, most robust and efficient, but won’t fold down in the middle. A folding frame is more transportable but may be slightly heavier and have some limitations in driving performance, impacting comfort for very regular or prolonged use. You should also consider the ease of the folding mechanism, both in complexity and force required. There are advantages to each type of frame, which should be balanced with the other features of the wheelchair, such as adjustable backrests/armrests/handles, quick release features or even adjustable wheel positions.  Removable features can also reduce the weight for lifting or storage.


The ideal wheelchair is customized to the individual, can accommodate changes, and is durable and as lightweight as possible.  These features are central to the design of ultra-lightweight wheelchairs and studies show that properly configured ultra-lightweight wheelchairs increase levels of function, reduce secondary complications, last longer and are more cost-effective than standard wheelchair models.

Model example

The KSL manual active wheelchair is super lightweight at only 6.8kg. The KSL comes with hydroforming technology which has enabled the metal frame to be shaped and designed with style in mind. The frame of the wheelchair is also manufactured to withstand the day-to-day rigours that its user may put it through – helping your chair to stand the test of time. This ultra-lightweight wheelchair is a perfect option for those living an active lifestyle, where the freedom and independence which accompanies a weight-efficient chair, is important. 

With the KSL, the design is rooted in elegance, with the finish encapsulating a clean, and minimalist structure. The user experience of the KSL manual active wheelchair is incomparable in aspects of high-end quality. This bespoke, made-to-measure KSL has customization at its heart, with an experienced user benefiting from its range of different settings. Given that the KSL is extremely lightweight, it comes with a high level of practicality, as well as comfort and beauty. The aforementioned hydroforming frame offers users the security and rigidity they desire and enables them to enjoy an effortless ride no matter where they go. 

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