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Manual Wheelchair

As a manual wheelchair user, you may feel you have a lot of things to consider when choosing and using your chair.

You may wonder, “What wheelchair style should I choose?” Or “How do I  maintain my wheelchair properly?”

Our manual wheelchair articles will educate you on things like:

  • Different styles of manual chair and their features
  • Accessories and additions that can make your chair easier to use
  • How to maintain your chair and its spare parts properly
  • Traveling with a manual chair

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • When choosing a children’s wheelchair, you want to consider versatility, adaptability, and personality.
  • If your trunk and balance allow, lean forward when you push, for extra power.
  • It’s important to keep spare wheelchair parts on hand, and to store them properly.
  • Wheelchair gloves can be used to prevent pain, blisters, and calluses on your hands.


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