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How a power wheelchair can support your child’s independence and wellbeing

Anyone with children could tell you that children want to be independent, explore and be with their friends.  Independence and mobility are important for a child’s cognitive and psychological wellbeing. For some children with disabilities, power wheelchairs are the only way to achieve mobility. A wheelchair can open up their participation in school, social life […]

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How to travel with a power wheelchair

Choosing the best wheelchair for travelling can be tricky – there are many different options available, from manual wheelchairs to folding power wheelchairs.  If you want to travel without limitations, then a folding power wheelchair might be the solution. A folding power wheelchair is an electric wheelchair that can be folded to enable it to […]

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5 TV shows with real inclusivity of disabled characters

TV tends to underestimate people with disabilities. All too often, inclusivity means people with disabilities are represented by characters that are rather one-dimensional: either desperately tragic, implausibly heroic, or miraculously ‘recovered’. This means that it’s particularly delightful to come across characters that defy these worn stereotypes that rob characters with disabilities of human complexity. Embed […]

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mobile hoist

What is the Best Mobile Hoist for You?

If you have impaired mobility, everyday movements like getting into bed or having a bath can be challenging. There are a range of mobile hoists and slings that can help make life easier, letting you get back to doing the things that you enjoy.  What is a mobile hoist? Hoists are a type of mechanical […]

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replace wheelchair wheels

How to Replace Wheelchair Wheels?

Wheelchairs, just like cars, have tires” that need to be replaced in order to maintain optimum efficiency of your wheelchair performance. Replacing the wheelchair wheels may sound like a daunting task, but in actuality, replacing wheelchair wheels is fairly simple. Below you will find a series of ‘how to’ guides for replacing various wheels from […]

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How Do I Find Mobility Scooters Near Me?

Mobility scooters are an essential lifeline for so many. They offer independence, flexibility, and peace-of-mind for a lot of people with disabilities and their families. In this article, we’ll be looking at what beneficial impacts a mobility scooter can play in a person’s life, what the brand new Zeta app entails, and answering key questions […]

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three-wheel scooter

How Could the Three-Wheel Scooter Give You a New Lease on Life?

Power mobility provides people the ability to be more independent outdoors and, to some extent, even indoors – (though probably not at home). Imagine the advantage of a three-wheel scooter at a shopping center, for example. If you have lower body weakness, stiffness, decreased functional activity tolerance, decreased stamina, lung disease, arthritis, obesity, and other […]

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