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How to travel with a power wheelchair

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Choosing the best wheelchair for travelling can be tricky – there are many different options available, from manual wheelchairs to folding power wheelchairs

If you want to travel without limitations, then a folding power wheelchair might be the solution. A folding power wheelchair is an electric wheelchair that can be folded to enable it to be transported or stored more easily. 

Are folding power wheelchairs convenient for travelling?

Power wheelchairs are essential mobility equipment for many people with disabilities. But they can be larger and heavier than other wheelchairs, such as manual chairs and so, harder to take with you when you travel, take on a holiday or even fit into your home. 

Folding power wheelchairs offer all the benefits of a power wheelchair, but can be folded into a compact size, making them very beneficial for travel.  By folding down to a more compact size, folding power wheelchairs give you more flexibility to travel how you choose, whether  via car, train, or even plane. 

This means you can get out and about more freely, giving you more options on how and when you travel. As a result, this can help increase your independence, confidence and can open up a new world of opportunities.

Tips for travelling with a folding power wheelchair

The right folding power wheelchair can help you maintain an active and independent lifestyle. Here are our tips for selecting and travelling with a folding power wheelchair

Consider plane storage 

Powered wheelchairs usually can’t be taken onto the cabin of a plane – so they will need to be stored in the baggage hold. Folding power wheelchairs can make plane handling easier and safer for your chair. It’s a good idea to have insurance for your wheelchair in case accidental damage does occur during the flight. Look for models with airline-approved batteries too.

Look for a wheelchair with an easy folding mechanism

Folding power wheelchairs that collapse and unfold with one action are ideal for travel, making it simple and efficient to fold away your wheelchair when needed.

Choose a lightweight wheelchair 

 Opting for a lightweight power wheelchair will reduce the strain on you and make your journey far less stressful. With a frame weighing just 21 kg, the Kompas folding power wheelchair is our lightest and most compact power wheelchair yet.

Learn how to maintain your wheelchair 

Travel means being away from home, and it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear on your power wheelchair, so you can travel without worrying about breakdowns.

Advantages of folding power wheelchairs

Compared to a regular power wheelchair, folding power wheelchairs offer a range of benefits.

  1. They are easy to transport, so you may not need to use an adapted vehicle to get around with your power wheelchair.
  2. They collapse and often also disassemble easily, meaning they require far less storage space in your home.
  3. They’re usually lighter than a standard power wheelchair, making them far easier to handle when needed.
  4. The wide range of sizes and styles available, making it easy to choose one that’s right for you.
  5.  No need to keep an additional manual wheelchair in your car to get around the limitations of a power wheelchair when you’re travelling.
  6. For ambulatory wheelchair users, folding wheelchairs can easily be left in the boot of your car in case you need to use it while you are out – taking the stress out of deciding before you leave the house.

Travel on your terms

No need to compromise on what you want to do or where you want to go: folding power wheelchairs give you the flexibility to travel how you choose. 

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