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How to make the most of bed accessories to customise your reclining bed

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From side rails to lifting poles, every Invacare reclining bed can be customised with a wide range of accessories to suit your exact requirements. This article will guide you through the bed accessories we offer, to help you find the right solutions for you.

The benefits of a reclining bed

Reclining beds offer restful, comfortable sleep – particularly for those with mobility impairments or back pain. Our range of electric reclining beds can help you to get a good night’s sleep, in both home and hospital environments.



Bed accessories to tailor your reclining bed to you

Tailoring your bed to you helps you get the most out of your reclining bed and provides solutions for users of different ages and needs. So what bed accessories are available, and how can they help you get the best possible night’s sleep?

Support handles 

Support handles give you added stability when getting in and out of bed. They are often height-adjustable, and can be fitted to standard and reclining beds. Support handles come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can select the model that’s right for you. Our swivel support handles help support your legs when you are getting out of bed, and our stand-up support handles give you a stable grip for added security. 

Bed ends

Our range of bed ends allows you to tailor the look of your reclining bed, with the option to choose models with built-in handles for added support. Available in a range of woods and finishes, our bed ends are also compatible with a range of side rails; there’s no need to compromise on the support you need.

Side rails 

If you need help to sit up in bed, or are at risk of falling out of bed then adding side rails to your reclining bed could help you to live more comfortably at home. Our side rails come in a range of styles and lengths. Full length side rails maximum security, can be extendable or collapsible, they can also be moved out of the way. 

Adding a cover to your side rails can provide extra padding to protect your joints and skin from knocks. Our side rail covers come in net and padded versions, so you can add cushioning if needed. The cover remains in place when the side rail is lowered too, which makes them simple and hassle-free to use.

Lifting poles

Lifting poles are designed to give the user an extra surface to hold on to – providing added support when you are changing position or getting in and out of bed. You can can also rotate and adjust the height of the pole.

If you need to move your bed, you will want to make it as easy as possible. Invacare reclining beds can be customised to make moving your bed around safer and simpler. Distance bumpers, for example, prevent your walls from being knocked and damaged when your bed is moved. They can be added at the end or sides of your bedframe, depending on your needs. 

Bumper wheels also help to prevent damage to your home; these also prevent you from being jostled while your bed is being moved. Our bumper wheels can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and are available in three different sizes.

Bedside tables 

Bedside tables come in a range of styles, from lightweight and affordable overbed tables to more traditional cabinet-style tables. They can be an invaluable lifestyle accessory for your reclining bed – making reading, having meals, or even using a computer in bed effortless. Cabinet-style tables also keep your bedside reading and other essentials close to hand. 

Create the perfect reclining bed for you with our bed accessories 

Our bed accessories can help you to make the most of your reclining bed, no matter your lifestyle or medical needs. Browse our bed accessories guide to view our full range of bed accessories and learn about their compatibility with your reclining bed.