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How Do I Find Mobility Scooters Near Me?

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Mobility scooters are an essential lifeline for so many. They offer independence, flexibility, and peace-of-mind for a lot of people with disabilities and their families. In this article, we’ll be looking at what beneficial impacts a mobility scooter can play in a person’s life, what the brand new Zeta app entails, and answering key questions such as “how do I find out more information about mobility scooters and mobility scooter services, near me?”

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into today’s topic. You might want to make some notes as you read, especially in relation to the Zeta app and how it works. 

What is a mobility scooter?

A mobility scooter is a small electric vehicle – which in some ways can be comparable to a motorised wheelchair – but is designed in the shape of a motorised scooter and has either three or four wheels. The key function of a mobility scooter is to be a mobility aid for the user. 

Who can use a mobility scooter?

Theoretically, anybody can use a mobility scooter. However, most users either have a disability, suffer from chronic pain which prevents them from walking long-distances or using a manual wheelchair, or they are classed as elderly and require extra assistance when getting around. If you fall into any of these categories then the chances are you or somebody you know has considered a mobility scooter as a viable option for improved independence. 

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How do mobility scooters assist people?

Many of the ways in which a mobility scooter can help an individual, is often self-explanatory. Although, some may not be so readily apparent. Here are a selection of the ways in which mobility scooters can assist people:

  • Enjoying walks: having the use of a mobility scooter means that an individual can join family members or friends on walks together, provided the pathways are wheelchair accessible. Being in nature, in particular, is great for both the mind and the body. The freedom to explore with loved ones and take deep breaths of fresh country air, can certainly add a positive dynamic to many peoples lives. 
  • Picking up essentials: perhaps you need to go to the chemist to pick up a repeat prescription? Or, maybe you need to head to the local convenience store to collect some essential groceries? Having a mobility scooter can turn these otherwise daunting tasks into a mere ‘walk in the park’. Just sit back, relax, and let the mobility scooter do all the heavy work for you. 
  • Safer way to get around: if you’re an elderly person, or someone who is generally quite unsteady on their feet, then opting to use a mobility scooter can really make life a lot safer for you in general. When you’re seated comfortably and driving around at a leisurely walking-pace speed, you’re far less likely to trip and fall or have another type of accident which could leave you seriously injured. 

What are the varying types of mobility scooters?

You might find yourself asking the question – “what are the types of mobility scooters near me?” and you may not be entirely sure of the varying types and designs of mobility scooters that you can get. There are a host of different models of mobility scooter that you can get, ranging from three-wheeled, to four-wheeled, to scooters which are enclosed and have roofs, to those that are minimal and just get you from A to B. 


The Invacare Scorpius A is an example of a design which appears simplified, but yet still packs a bunch. The sleek and elegant design catches the eye. Whereas the Invacare Cetus is an example of a much more robust and durable mobility scooter.




How do I get a free mobility scooter?

There are several ways in which a person may seek to acquire a mobility scooter for free. How they go about it, however, depends on where in the world they are and what social security set up is in place. Free mobility scooters can range from anything relating to the temporary loaning of a scooter, to the personal ownership of a mobility scooter through programs such as the Mobility Scheme in the UK. 

The Mobility Scheme in particular is a charitable body – running in conjunction with the British welfare system – whereby people with disabilities and mobility impairments can apply to lease either a car, an electric scooter or a motorised wheelchair. To say they are ‘free’ isn’t actually strictly true – as it involves giving up a portion of your monthly welfare income.

The notion of it being ‘free’ however, comes from the perspective that for a lot of people with disabilities living in the UK, the motability scheme is something they’re familiar with and use for the majority of their life, and works in conjunction with the mobility component of the disability living allowance (or Personal Independent Payment) and is money which is intended to aid mobility – something which a mobility scooter certainly falls under. 

Further to this, an individual may be able to seek financial assistance when trying to purchase a mobility scooter of their own. This can be through either governmental initiatives, or charitable organisations which are set up to facilitate the purchase of mobility aids for those living with a disability. There are many avenues to explore and sometimes, a simple Google search is all it takes to find out some useful information on this. You can also speak with either your GP or your Occupational Therapist and they should be able to offer some advice on funding options. 

Is my loved one safe on a mobility scooter?

In an ever changing, more digitally connected world, we find that technology brings both ease-of-use and reassurance at the same time. 

The Zeta connectivity app allows the user to track their mobility scooter’s battery life, as well as view their journeys. These features in particular, not only give the user the ability to feel safe and secure when out and about, but it can also afford loved ones the peace-of-mind to know that you’re okay and doing just fine on your day-to-day commutes. 

Currently, Zeta is available on the latest offerings of the Orion Metro, the Orion Pro, the Comet Pro and the Comet Ultra. Not only is the app fun to use, but it’s packed full of useful information which will help to make you feel more confident and comfortable when out and about. 


On the topic of improving safety, the Zeta connectivity app actually allows you to share your current location with an emergency contact. This could be a next-of-kin, a parent, a child, or a support worker. Having the ability to see where you are at any given moment, can be a real game-changer in terms of overall safety concerns. If, for example, your scooter ran out of battery, and you didn’t have the ability to make a phone call for whatever reason, a loved one or care-giver would be able to see where you are and come and find you if there were any concerns. 

How do I find a repair shop for my mobility scooter near me?

When you are in need of a repair shop and you happen to have Zeta, you simply contact your own dealer. They will find out about repairs that your mobility scooter may require remotely, without you even showing up at their shop. Some of the issues might also be solved remotely.

If you own a mobility scooter which isn’t connected to the Zeta app then you may need to look at alternative ways to get your scooter serviced or repaired. If you bought your mobility scooter from a specialist or dealership then your best option is to contact them directly and let them know about any concerns you have, or to request a service. Failing this you will almost certainly be able to find repair shops and dealerships by checking online. You may be able to find out more information about mobility scooters by contacting your local wheelchair services and asking for more information on affiliated mobility scooter dealers. 

How long do mobility scooters last?

How long a mobility scooter can last generally depends on the way in which you take care of it. Usually, however, the first thing to ‘break-down’ on a mobility scooter is the battery. Most manufacturers will offer a 12-month warranty on their batteries as standard, with most batteries being good-to-go for at least 18-months in total. Some batteries will last a lot longer, depending on usage, and others may give up slightly-sooner. A battery, however, is a lot easier and cheaper to replace than the entire scooter. A well looked after mobility scooter should last, on average, at least five years. 

Mobility scooters certainly unlock a lot of potential for the user, and with the new Zeta connectivity app, it’s now more easier than ever to keep on top of all your safety and security concerns, whilst keeping mobile and active. If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more about scooters, such as: Mobility Scooter Maintenance: Some Useful Tips, or any other articles on the Passionate People blog for that matter, then feel free to peruse at your leisure. Take care, and happy riding! 

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