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UberACCESS – Questions and Answers About Uber’s Accessible Cars and Vans

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If you’re a disabled individual and you don’t have access to your own vehicle, chances are you’ve probably had to take a taxi on more than one occasion – especially in cities which are generally deemed inaccessible in terms of transportation; such as London. Shockingly, poor access on public transport is one of the main contributing factors leading to isolation within the disabled community. Those who rely on barrier-free access are far less likely to go ‘out and about’ if they have concerns of a lack thereof. 

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Continuing on with the aforementioned example of London; a measly quarter of tube stations are completely barrier-free, and trains and buses are no better – with many being unreliable and leaving disabled people requiring the help of others; particularly around rush-hour. 

With accessible taxis in short supply, it is a welcome relief that companies such as Uber are setting the tone and pace when it comes to accessible travel. Uber ACCESS is a revolutionary fleet of accessible cars, ready to hire, through the Uber app

What are your options?

  • Uber ACCESS: For those who want to remain in their wheelchair whilst travelling, sitting forwards in the vehicle. 
  • Uber ASSIST: For those who require a bit more assistance when taking an UberX; i.e. help getting from point A to point B. 
  • Uber X: The standard Uber X is also available to anyone with a disability, or whom has a service animal with them. 

How does Uber ACCESS work?

  1. Open the Uber app, as per you would for any other ride request.
  2. Type in your destination address in the ‘where to’ box, and your enter pick up point address. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the app and select either ‘ACCESS’ or ‘ASSIST’, depending on what you require. 
  4. If an Uber driver is available to pick you up, you’ll see their drivers picture and vehicle details, just like you would for any other Uber ride. 
  5. Check the vehicle is the right one when it arrives, by checking the plates or asking the driver.
  6. Take your journey – the driver will assist where applicable. 
  7. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and exited the vehicle, you’ll be charged in your standard payment method, through the app. 

How much does Uber ACCESS cost?

Costs of all Uber’s, no matter what the service, vary from city to city. However, all costs attributed to Uber ACCESS and Uber ASSIST, remain in line with the price point of UberX. You will never be charged more than a standard UberX fare. 

For example, an 11 mile ride in Newcastle upon Tyne costs between £14-£20 when using Uber ACCESS, Uber ASSIST, and UberX. 

Where is UberACCESS available?

On their UK website, the following information is given:

“Uber Access is currently available in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Brighton. This service is priced exactly the same as our affordable UberX option.”

Globally, UberACCESS is available in a whole array of different cities, ranging from Bangalore to San Francisco. You’ll be able to see when downloading the app, whether the option is available to you in your area. 

If you’d like to read more articles regarding accessible transportation, why not check out “Finding Accessible Transportation in Germany: 3 Great Options” from the Passionate People site. 

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