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Ceiling hoists – Caring for people that care for you!

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If you are a carer or if you know someone who is, you will be fully aware of the hard work involved in the caring process. The responsibility is huge, and you also have to deal with the fact that there is a large time investment. If the person being cared for is someone who is immobile for some or all of the time, getting them to another position in the room, or even helping them to stay clean, can mean a massive physical effort. It’s hard work, but one of the very best things you can do to alleviate the pressure here is to consider the option of ceiling hoists. Many people find that it is the one thing that transforms their lives, and makes caring for someone else a lot easier and more positive.


The positives and negatives of a ceiling hoist

You may find that you need to transfer a loved one or patient from a chair to a bed, but because of their physical needs, getting this done is almost impossible. Or you may have to find a way to transfer someone from a bed to a toilet. All of this can be more easily managed with ceiling hoists. Once they have been fitted, they can really help with transferring a person from one place to another.

They are an absolute essential in care homes, for example, where some people need support on a regular basis throughout the day. But it is clear that the expense of the items can be an issue.

The modern ceiling hoist can be a rather costly item to purchase and install. If you are looking after someone in your home, for example, the cost can be prohibitive for many. On top of that, there is another big factor that makes the purchase of one of these ceiling hoists a major problem. The modifications required to use one in a house can be significant. It is not unknown for people to have to significantly alter the room in which a ceiling hoist has been installed. This can mean weeks of work to get organised, and mounting costs as the room is altered. And when there are numerous rooms that need ceiling hoists, the cost can be extensive.


Ceiling hoists variations

There are many different types of ceiling hoist, and this is simply because the needs of the person using one can be varied. For example, for someone who needs their hips and back supported, there are a number of companies that create ceiling hoists that can be used with low slings. These allow these important parts of the body to be supported.

Perhaps the most striking difference when it comes to types of ceiling hoist is the distinction between portable overhead ceiling hoists and track ceiling hoists. These are the two most common varieties, which we will look at now.

Ceiling track systems

Ceiling track systems are literally tracks in the ceiling of the room that the ceiling hoists have been fitted in. They allow for plenty of flexibility for transferring. You can have a system that is manual and requires effort to move the hoists or a powered version. Many track systems allow for ‘room to room’ fittings too, so a movement plan for the person can be easily facilitated. Another variation of the ceiling track systems are installations with a portable motor that can be easily transferred from room to room. Whatever the installation you choose, be prepared for substantial home modifications.

Portable overhead hoists

Portable overhead (or gantry) hoists can be moved around a building because they are portable and can be disassembled. Once again, they can be manually operated or electrically powered. This is a lower-cost alternative and is most suited for situations where the hoist is required for short periods of time.It is easily foldable and transferable which means that you may take them with you when travelling.



Ceiling hoists are a versatile and very necessary part of many people’s care. You may find this resource valuable. But, if you are thinking of purchasing one, speak to a medical professional to ensure the needs of the person using it will be met.aps the most striking difference when it comes to types of ceiling hoist, is the distinction between mobile ceiling hoists and track ceiling hoists.


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