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Invacare Linx: Simply Smart, Always Reliable

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The Invacare LiNX system makes Invacare powerchairs sophisticated, smart, and reliable.

The cutting-edge LiNX technology has an insight inspired control system that learns over time.

It also has a modular design that allows the system to be expanded, updated, and tailored to your changing needs. This makes the Invacare LiNX system futureproof and always up-to-date.


The LiNX system is a state-of-the-art system. There are several different remote types to suit various needs. The REM110, REM211 and the REM216 are standard remotes. They have been designed for ease of use and can even be operated by those with limited cognitive abilities. The REM110 controls drive, horn, and speed. The REM211 controls drive, horn, speed, and seating. The REM216 controls drive, horn, speed, seating, and lights.

The touch-screen REM400 can be controlled with a swipe or tap and has built-in Bluetooth capability. The remote can be configured to a user’s physical or cognitive ability, making it flexible and adaptable. Not only can features be accessed through the touch-screen, but also through the joystick or buttons. Also, menu options can be set up for direct access or step-by-step operation.

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The REM500 is a display-only version of the REM400. It retains the interactive touch screen
with on/off and multi-purpose buttons located at the bottom. It also features a charging port,
two stereo jack inputs, but it has been specifically designed for those who cannot use a standard joystick.


The Invacare LiNX is smart. The clean and simple LiNX interface makes it easy to configure individual settings for users via a PC, laptop or mobile phone. Next-generation technology allows you to wirelessly access the control system for diagnostics and updates. The diagnostic features allow you to view statistics on how the chair has been used, and performance data can also be viewed in real time. Are you feeling fatigued today? If so, the LiNX is smart enough that you can select different input types for different functions depending on your energy level that particular day.

If the LiNX system detects faults in the chair, you are able to contact your provider through the app, giving you immediate peace of mind. The diagnostic tools and communication capabilities of the LiNX system eliminates the worry of things going wrong, or low battery life, which allows you to go out and enjoy yourself.


LiNX controls make your powerchair more reliable. Maintaining a consistent speed when driving over uneven terrain, camber or incline can be tricky and often be tiring but thanks to the technology within the LiNX system:

  • It compensates for imbalances that may develop, enabling a consistent drive.
  • Allows for more accurate and predictable control over different surfaces.
  • Drives well in tight spaces due to its creep control.

The LiNX also prevents imbalances within the powerchair. Weight distribution and wear and tear can sometimes lead to variances in how the powerchair drives. The LiNX has adaptive load compensation which interprets, learns and adapts the motors to these changes, ensuring the drive of the powerchair is always optimised and well balanced over the lifetime of the chair.

Finally, the LiNX G-Trac ensures the directions indicated by the control are followed by the chair. The digital gyroscopic technology detects and corrects the smallest deviations from the intended path, reducing the number of corrective actions needed. Enhanced point to point driving accuracy reduces the number of physical and cognitive demands required, especially for specialist control users. You can’t get any more reliable than that!

The LiNX Control goes above and beyond any other control system. What’s more, the LiNX Control can even be configured with specialist controls. These controls allow the LiNX system to be used by those who can only make head movements or lip and breath movements, truly making the LiNX a system for everyone.


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