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Invacare Orion and Comet Scooters: Safe, Comfortable, and Quick

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Both the Invacare Orion and Comet scooters keep the focus on safety, reliability, comfort, and speed.

These Lifestyle products get you where you want to go, whether it’s to the store to pick up some groceries, or whether you want to get adventurous on an outdoor outing to the park. With the Orion and Comet, you can go wherever you want to go, quickly, comfortably, and with peace of mind.

The Invacare Orion

The Orion combines ergonomics with style and includes lots of features that ensure a safe and easy ride. The focus of the Orion design is safety and reliability, and it is known as a stable, trusty, and durable mobility option.

The Orion has a powerful motor, big wheels, and a fully suspended chassis, which allows for a comfortable, smooth ride, even over uneven terrain. The large batteries allow you to enjoy excursions away from home without worrying about losing power. DUAL-bulb headlights and heavy duty brake lights provide added safety.


The Orion has an electronic speed reduction feature that automatically reduces speed when going around bends. This ensures your safety and comfort at all times. When the battery needs charging, the smart electronics system gives visual and audio warnings.

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If knocked out of drive mode, a two-step disengaging lever will prevent the scooter from freewheeling. To meet the highest standards, the Orion has undergone extensive testing in an independent German lab.


The Orion is reliable and easy to service. This is because only top quality components are used. Batteries, electronics, and cables are easily accessed simply by removing the top cover. The battery and electronics have splash protection, which prevents corrosion and malfunction.

The Invacare Comet

The Invacare Comet is known as rugged, robust, and reliable. This safe and speedy scooter remains known for its ability to be relied upon in all circumstances. Whether at the supermarket or traveling around your yard, the Comet will get you where you want to go quickly, with peace of mind. It has a soft, swiveling seat, which allows you to both adjust your driving position as well as turn to enjoy destination activities while seated. This chair is rugged and equipped for outdoor activities, but remains attractive and comfortable.

A Safe, Controlled Drive

The Comet has large wheels, a powerful motor, and a suspension system that is adjustable in both the front and rear of the chassis. Like the Orion, the Comet has an electronic speed reduction feature. It also includes the visual and audio warnings for when the battery gets low. The DUAL-bulb headlights and heavy-duty brake lights add additional safety.

Ease Of Use

The Comet has similar features to the Orion, in that the serviceable parts are easily accessed by removing the top cover. It also has splash guard for electronic components and has undergone testing in an independent German lab. One extra feature of the Comet is that the lights operate in a way that if one bulb blows, the other remains functional.

Features and Accessories

Both the Invacare Orion and Comet have a wide range of features and accessories. The tiller can be adjusted to suit the individual’s needs. Ergonomic steering prevents fatigue in the hands and arms. A hand brake makes immediate braking possible. Brake lights warn people that the scooters are slowing down. The Orion also has a two step disengaging lever that prevents the scooter from accidentally free-wheeling, and auto-speed reduction, which reduces
speed around bends for additional safety.

Over 25 accessories can be added. These accessories are made to give you additional choices in the areas of safety, comfort, storage, and support. The seats of both scooters are covered in black vinyl, but the Orion and Comet scooters have different  colour options for the shroud.

With all of these options, it might be hard to choose between the two! Both the Orion and the Comet are stellar solutions for your transportation needs.

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