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Choosing your Invacare power wheelchair – understanding the range

invacare power wheelchair
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The Invacare power wheelchair range offers a great deal of versatility, innovation and design, to suit the varying needs of a wheelchair user but how do you know which model is best for you?

The range

There are a number of models within the Invacare power wheelchair range and each has slightly different benefits for the user depending on their needs, abilities and activity engagement.

However, the simplest way of describing them is to ensure you understand how they are categorised.


The outdoor/indoor Invacare power wheelchairs are designed to support outdoor use as a primary function but can be used indoors also and comprises 5 models within the range.  

Models such as the TDX SP2 have great maneuverability due to its centre wheel drive which allows the chair to have an incredibly tight turning circle.  Its stability lock system ensures that all six wheels are firmly in contact with the floor, enhancing your confidence on less even surfaces.

The Kite is another example of an Invacare power wheelchair in the outdoor/indoor range.  Its Dual Swing Technology offers a different and unique suspension system which alongside its compact design is perfect for someone who engages in regular outdoor activity as part of their routine.  The Kite is a modular chair which means it can also be customised to reflect your personality or individual need very easily.

Other models within this category include The Storm4 , The Storm4 Max , and The Storm4 X-plore which offer security over varying terrains for various body shapes and with a range of options including movement controls, seat tilt/raise and LED lighting systems to maximise outdoor safety.


There are nine Invacare power wheelchairs in this category range.

As you have probably already guessed these chairs can be used outdoors but their primary focus is everyday functional routine, including getting around within the home or at work.  These power wheelchairs, such as the Fox are often easy to dismantle or fold so that they can be transported, therefore extending their range and ability to support the user to engage in meaningful activities.

Other models, such as the Pronto M61 offer centre wheel drive to maximise maneuverability within the home, further enhanced by its compact design and ability to electronically raise the seat unit by 12cm making it perfect for access to sink units, workbenches or desks.  This model also has a unique feature making it more stable and comfortable over internal raised threshes, potentially minimising adaptations that would be otherwise required.


The Pronto M41, has redefined what these chairs have previously been able to accomplish.  Not only do the rear wheel drive and front castors provide excellent maneuverability it is the efficiency of movement through turning circle that makes this model so great.  The ‘My body’ seat offers excellent postural support and pressure care without compromising on weight or transportability.

The Invacare power wheelchair range has something to suit every user. The entire range combines great aesthetic design and innovation to bring functionality, safety and driver independence.


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