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The Kuschall Champion: A Rigid, Foldable Wheelchair

Küschall Champion
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Have you ever wished you could have the driving performance of a rigid wheelchair, but the portable convenience of a folding one?

The Kuschall Champion is a leader in its class, pioneering the foldable, rigid wheelchair 31 years ago. Continued improvements have made it as popular today as it was at first launch. And this new generation of chair sets the standard at the highest level.  

New Design

The Champion’s new design makes it indistinguishable from a rigid one. The high stability and stiffness make its driving performance comparable to any rigid chair. Other features include stepless adjustment at the front and rear as well as easy positioning of the centre of gravity. This allows all types of individuals to configure the Champion to their needs.

The chair is extremely easy to fold and handle because it is compact and lightweight. This makes it ideal for active users that are constantly on the go. The unique horizontal folding mechanism allows the chair to fit neatly into a small car. In fact, it’s been unrivaled as one of the smallest possible active folding chairs since 1986.

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Materials and Style

The Champion is available in aluminum, titanium, and carbon. The titanium option is strong and scratch-resistant. And they give you durability without the weight.  

These strong, rigid materials also allow the chair to maintain a sleek look without being bulky.

And the Champion does not compromise on design. It’s a real eye-catcher! Offered in a wide choice of colours and configurations, the Champion is personalizable. Colour Power Sets (CPS) add interest to the chair, and come in six different tones: chrome, techno-anthracite, comet red, champagne, b-blue and arctic blue.

Other Configurations

The Kuschall Champion can be configured in many different ways to suit the individual user. It has a choice of nine different seat positions and five backrest angles. Side supporters are also available when selected, as part of the Colour Power Sets.

Once folded, the chair will not pop open on you thanks to the soft locking mechanism found on the backrest. This comes standard on all chairs.

A compact size of 765x390x285 mm can be achieved by folding the wheelchair and its backrest, then removing the rear wheels. Even the smallest of cars can stow a chair this size.

More Than Just A Convenience

The Kuschall Champion provides users with more than just convenience; it gives them independence. The idea for a foldable, rigid wheelchair came from the personal experiences of Rainer Kuschall himself.

After his spinal cord injury at age 16, Rainer began driving again. While he was able to transfer into the car independently, someone else was still needed to get the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle for him.

One warm day, Rainer started to feel unwell while driving. His injury left him unable to sweat, and he knew that overheating could become dangerous. Rainer pulled into a petrol station and opened the car door to wave at two people who were standing outside. He hoped he could get their attention and request some water.

When the strangers saw Rainer and realized he had a disability, they became frightened and immediately shut the door back on him. At that moment, Rainer realized that with no way to access his wheelchair independently, he was essentially trapped in his own car.  

After that experience, Rainer became determined to design a wheelchair he could fold and move over his lap into the passenger seat. Thus, the idea for the Kuschall Champion was born. And since its development, the chair has given many users the gift of independence and living without limits.


Annie Beth Donahue is a professional writer with a health and disability focus. 


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