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The Kuschall K-Series: A “No Limits” Approach For Highly Active Users

Kuschall K-Serie
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Aesthetic appeal with exceptional strength and performance- that’s what the Kuschall K-Series delivers. K-Series chairs come in aluminum, titanium, and carbon, and all three materials are crafted to create dynamic frames that are made to withstand even the most extreme user.

The front frame comes set to either 75 or 90 degrees, and the adduction frame reduces the width of the front chassis by 10 cm, compared to the seat width. This provides greater mobility and support.

The K-Series Just Got Better

The new K-Series boasts some significant changes this year. Still iconic, with its minimalist frame design, the weight has been reduced even more. Several components have been lightened, making this chair only 5.1kg without the wheels.

And there are new features as well. CarboLife ergonomic hand rims have been specifically designed to reduce fatigue and provide extra grip for efficient propelling. A wider range of sizes is being offered on Spinergy wheels. The front castors are now Aluminum soft roll. And the chair now has improved aesthetics with its new stylish tension backrest upholstery and stunning new neon frame colours.

Another major improvement is the increase in maximum user weight. The K-Series has gone from 120kg to 130kg, giving customers a greater choice.


New seat width and depth sizes, combined with lighter components, improve driving performance and maneuverability. The front castors, seat module, camber bar brackets, backrest and brake clamp, have all been lightened, making it easier to stay on the go. The K-Series is made with unrivaled Swiss quality, that is ideal for everyday activities.

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Features And Options

The “No-Limits” approach of the K-Series is seen in the options that are offered so that users can tailor the chair to their individual needs. Footrests, handrims, and backrests are some of the areas you can customize. A rounded backrest bar is available,  the backrest upholsterywhich includes fabric light reflectors that provide added safety at night.

The K-Series has add-ons such as a mobile phone holder, bottle holder, and luggage holder. Colour Power Sets give a splash of colour to the already wide range of frame options, including an anodyzed finish that compliments the eye for design and rigid engineering of the chairs.

Material Types

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, and it is 100% recyclable. Aluminum is lightweight and durable and is widely used in transportation, packaging, construction, and aerospace engineering. The Aluminum K-Series chair is versatile, hardwearing, and configurable.

Titanium has mostly been used in aviation and automotive applications, particularly in racing. Titanium is perfect for use in areas where weight reduction is critical, but strength and rigidity need to be preserved. Titanium resists corrosion, is bio-compatible, and non-toxic. This makes it a great choice for those who experience allergies to metals.

Carbon is one of the building blocks of life. Carbon is popular for use in aerospace, civil engineering, the military, and motorsports. It is valued for its flexibility and the purity of results you get when creating with it. Carbon is a good material for highly active users that demand aesthetic appeal.

Global Community Of Users

To be able to develop such high-quality wheelchairs, Kuschall has listened to its global community of users. A diverse range of opinion and comment is key to the product improvement process. Many of the revolutionary designs have been inspired by input from loyal users. Kuschall is grateful for this essential dialogue and strives to continuously improve through this process.

Author:  Annie Beth Donahue is a professional writer with a health and disability focus.