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Meet the Invacare active wheelchair family

active wheelchair family
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As probably all wheelchair users know, making a choice of your next wheelchair is often an occasion filled with both joy and frustration. Have a look at our active wheelchair family.

After all, it’s a complicated and deceivingly important decision, one that will affect your life for years to come. In fact, if you really think about it, it’s more than a decision – it’s a commitment.

To help you make a commitment that will make a positive impact on your life in the years you’ll be using your new wheelchair, we’ve come up with something that’s not a guide, but more of an overview of what’s available ‘out there’ and who it’s best suited for. Also, this time we’ll focus on active wheelchairs, but keep in mind that, ultimately, your choice isn’t limited by this overview. And never forget that professional assessment for your specific requirements is always advised.

Invacare low active wheelchair

Functionality, transportability, practicality. These are the three words that best describe the low active family of manual Invacare wheelchairs. These highly modular wheelchairs are available in transit (pushed by an attendant) or self propel options. They’re ideal for occasional use and are therefore best suited for less active users as a home independence aid, or for those users whose mobility hinders their active lifestyle – low active wheelchair will make that afternoon in a park with your loved ones possible again. Do we need to mention they fold easily and fit in a car boot?

Invacare medium active wheelchair

When something like this is labelled ‘medium’, you somehow expect it to have the best of both worlds, right? Well, that’s exactly true for Invacare medium active wheelchairs. With unparalleled versatility, adaptability and configurability, these chairs are not only ideal for many users regardless of their lifestyle, they’re also well equipped to accommodate changes in user needs over time. Headlined by the Action line of wheelchairs, this group offers functionality and practicality of low active wheelchairs with options such as Action3 NG‘s transit version, as well as performance and technology of active wheelchairs, as is showcased in Action5 medium active wheelchair. Whatever your needs may be, chances are you’ll find something to suit your lifestyle here.

Invacare active wheelchair

If you’re an active individual, then one of our active wheelchairs is for you. Headlined by the renowned Küschall K-Series, these wheelchairs are extremely lightweight. They make use of advanced technology and revolutionary design to ensure strength and performance desired by every active, independent user.

Which one is for me?

While the final decision will ultimately be yours, you should always consult professionals before making such an important and long-term commitment which can, among other things, affect your health. Take into account your own limitations, as well as your regular activities – be it a hobby, a job, or anything else – and the decision shouldn’t be that difficult. You’ll see there’s no need for frustration, only joy of choosing your new wheelchair.


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