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Practical gift ideas that a wheelchair user will love!

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Is it easy to choose the perfect gift for someone who uses a wheelchair? The answer is often ‘no’. Are you looking for something a little different to gift this year to either a friend or a loved one? Check out these gifts for wheelchair user s.

Would something specifically tailored towards a wheelchair user be something which you’re drawn towards when choosing a gift? Well look no further than these handy suggestions!

Generally speaking, choosing the right gift to give someone can be a really thankless task – cliches bounce around your head, such as “what do you buy the person who already has everything?”. It’s pretty embarrassing to think that someone may dislike your present so much that they decide to return it to the store that you bought it from.. So, how can you better prepare yourself for your gift shopping experience, and with that, how can you give yourself a fighting chance of getting something that the recipient will love? Herein lies the question – what practical gifts ideas are there for giving a present to a wheelchair user? This article aims to assist you with an answer. 

Well, the most obvious answer is to choose a gift which one can use. Something which the recipient will be grateful for. With respect to accessibility and daily life for disabled people, such gift giving can be the perfect opportunity to help improve their livelihoods. This article will list a few access-related gifts that are worth considering, when buying for a wheelchair user. 

Invacare Areste Backrest

Introducing the Invacare Areste Backrest. A brilliant way for those with mobility needs to sit up in bed for tasks such as reading, watching TV, or even just eating a meal. The bust lift can be adjusted between 45 to 60 degree angle, as well as being at the forefront of comfort. By replacing the need for unreliable pillows – which lose frigidity over time – the bust relief gives you the perfect seated angle at all times. Whether you choose to take it on holiday with you so that you can spend lazy days reading on the beach, or just use at home to help you watch the latest streaming series – the rest will likely be the ideal gift for you or someone you care about. 

The weight of the bust relief is 4kg and can support a weight capacity of 110kg, comfortably. The dimensions are 63 x 59 cm and it is made of both plastic and steel.


gifts for wheelchair user

Light Visco Cushion

Memory foam mattresses are all the rage these days, so why not incorporate this luxurious comfort into the every-day-life of someone close to you? Buy them a memory foam cushion for their wheelchair and/or favourite seat in the house. The Light Visco Cushion by Invacare will mold itself to each individual user, resulting in maximum comfort when in use. It also comes in a rather futuristic design, perfect for any budding astronauts out there – as well as those just looking for a comfy place to park their bottom!

gifts for wheelchair user

e-Pilot (wheelchair adaptation)

Are you looking for something a little more daring to gift to a loved one? Is it time to splash out and really treat the person you love with a lavish gift? Do you want to get them something that they’re really going to get a lot of joy out of? Well why not consider the amazing e-Pilot wheelchair adaptation, which will turn most manual wheelchairs into a motorised scooter?! Zip round parks and on the highstreet with this incredible nifty piece of kit – anyone receiving one of these will certainly thank you for their new lease of life. The e-Pilot has a tremendous range of up to 50km, and has an average speed of 6km/h, however; it can be adjusted to max-out at 20km/h – for those feeling brave!

gifts for wheelchair user

Top End Force-3 Handcycle

Do you know someone who uses a manual wheelchair but would like to become more active and partake in exercise? Are they also tired of not being able to accompany friends and family on long bike rides for fear of not being able to keep pace in their wheelchair? Well maybe it’s time to take a look at Invacare’s Top End Force-3 Handcycle. Of course, the handcycle is a serious investment, and may not be appropriate for everyone’s budget – but if you are in the market for this type of equipment then this lightweight (20kg) model is a major contender. It has 30 different speed variations and 26” robust wheels. Plus you can always be certain you’re buying a quality item when purchasing an Invacare product. We think that this handcycle is ideal for the spring, summer, and autumn months. It is also a fantastic option for those looking to get into handcycling as a competitive sport. 

gifts for wheelchair user

Küschall wheelchair add-ons

If you owna Küschall wheelchair, you’ll no doubt already know about the existing adaptations and add-on options available. There’s lots to suit your own specifications and individual taste. But did you know you can update and change various aspects of your chair as and when you see fit? One other possible practical present which you could consider buying a wheelchair user could be; vibrant and exciting additions to their actual chair. Whether it be colourful push-rims, or snazzy new castor wheels – there’s something to appeal to just about anyone in the ‘Küschall Accessories and Options’ catalogue, with the purchase of each item being arranged via contacting a Küschall dealer near you!  

Of course, it goes without saying that you may buy your disabled loved ones gifts which are related to access. These are just a few ideas for those wanting to pass on something which has more practical use.

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