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Maintaining family ties with your children during SCI rehab

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Keeping your children abreast of developments about your SCI rehab is important. You should maintain close contact with them at all times, thereby strengthening family ties.

Undoubtedly, stress and emotional breakdown are associated with a spinal cord injury (SCI) and are difficult to deal with. But the thoughts of not being with your children and loved ones can further worsen your emotional state. This is particularly true when you are in an extended rehabilitation and have to stay in a place far away from your children.

However, you need to stay positive and not allow such thoughts overwhelm you. Thanks to new technologies, keeping family ties with your children is not only easier but can even be fun.

You should know that your children are worried about you just as much as you are about them. Be honest and explain your condition to them as much as they can understand. Also, let them express their feelings and do give them a chance to ask questions.

So, here are some fun ways with which you can keep close contact with your children during rehabilitation:

  • Write letters or send cards to each other. Letters and cards provide a medium to craft powerful words that express deep affection. More so, the mere prospect of receiving a card or letter from a loved one can be exciting for both you and them.
  • Fix a “phone call time” and ensure you call them every day at that time.
  • Setup video calling apps such as Skype and Hangouts and schedule video calls with them. You can even use this medium to tell them stories.
  • Send them pre-recorded videos of you while performing various rehabilitation exercises. This reassures them that you are making progress.
  • Send them random photos of yourself regularly and have them do the same.
  • Sharing social media updates is a good way keep in touch not only with your children but with other family members as well.

While this is not an exhaustive list, these tips can help you maintain close contact with your children while on rehab. You can also explore other ideas that work best for you and your family.

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