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Unboxing the SMOOV One with Ben Clark from Adapt to Perform

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Lately, electronic additions to manual wheelchairs have become more and more popular. There’s loads on the market, including add-ons for the front wheels, rear wheels, and adaptations that fit inside the hubs.

Now, Invacare and Alber have developed the SMOOV One – an adaption for the rear wheels of your chair that are set to really shake up the market for rear-wheel adaptations. The SMOOV One is a hands free, dynamic power assist driving wheel with 360° mobility – Vlogger Ben Clark was asked to unbox the product and tell us what he thought.

The first thing Ben noticed was the SMOOV One’s slick packaging. Lots of manufacturers see presentation as an afterthought – but Invacare and Alber’s design makes sure that this new gadget is something to get excited about. The overall packaging and design is very smart, good-looking and sleek. You can tell it’s a premium bit of kit – but as Ben says, the most important thing is how it works.

The SMOOV One drives at speeds of up to 10 km per hour, with a range of around 20 km and is fully functional at inclines of up to 16%. The unit itself weighs 7.2kg – which may sound a lot considering that’s about the same as a lightweight wheelchair, but as Ben points out, a bit of substance means that the wheel has greater traction. The unit also comes with a handy app, which is one of Ben’s favorite features. Although it doesn’t control the device, the app gives you loads of useful information like battery life, range and helps set different drive modes. 

Plus, the SMOOV One is really easy to install – you can simply clip the device onto the cambertube of your chair with a simple, clean attachment. However, Ben does acknowledge that if you purchase the SMOOV One from a dealer, it’s likely they’ll fit the clamps as part of their service. But it doesn’t stop at easy installation – the fitting is very light, adding just half a kilo to your wheelchair’s overall weight. So, for example, when you remove the unit to lift your chair into the back of the car, the bracket adds hardly any extra weight.

Overall, there were seven things that Ben loved about the SMOOV One:

  1. Firstly, he loved that the unit was compact enough to take on an airplane. He’ll be putting the SMOOV One through its paces on a trip to Bali, where he’ll do a full review.
  2. He also said he loves the design. Lots of companies neglect aesthetics and he thinks that it’s something Invacare and Alber do better than anyone else.
  3. He also thinks the minimal fixings are also a great design feature, keeping your wheelchair compact and light.
  4. The control unit clips on and off easily, depending on your hand mobility.
  5. He also commented that the speed is perfect. Some products on the market are a little aggressive, but the SMOOV One has a pleasant, walking-speed pace.
  6. The SMOOV One unit also includes a phone charger so you can always make sure your smartphone is charged for use with the app.
  7. Finally, the app itself is super simple, user friendly and to the point, telling you everything you need to know about your new gadget.

Ben will be sharing his full review of the product from his holiday in Bali very soon. Meanwhile, why not book your test drive to see what you think of the SMOOV One? Along with your test drive booking, and if you’re quick you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win a SMOOV One power assist wheel.


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