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4 Fabulous Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

fashion tips for wheelchair users
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Fashion tips for wheelchair users are not based on the latest trends, but rather what clothes are going to be comfortable and conducive to pushing your chair.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right combination of what looks good and what works for your lifestyle. These five fabulous tips will give you a good starting place for selecting your clothing. Knowing that every piece in your wardrobe will fit appropriately and allow you to move freely will take a lot of the stress off of choosing what to wear each morning.

1. Don’t wear clothing that is too long

Long pieces such as scarves or maxi skirts can get caught in your wheels. They may look cute, but you will not be able to move freely, constantly having to make sure you aren’t about to get tangled. Choose clothes that are tighter, and that don’t flow away from your body.

2. Draw attention to your waist

Flowing shirts or long jackets may bunch up and look boxy when you are sitting down. To avoid this, you can add a belt to keep your top smoothed down and emphasize your waist. You can also look for fitted shirts that are naturally tailored at the waist. The material matters, too. Thick cloth or big buttons can create lumps that make your midsection look larger than it really is.

3. Have fun with your shoes

Now that you are sitting all the time, your shoes will stay in great shape. You can buy shoes that, in the past, may have been too uncomfortable to walk in all day. But you need to be extra careful to get the right size. Make sure your shoes are not too small. When you can’t feel your feel, it is easy to do serious damage to the skin before you realize it. Otherwise, enjoy adding an exciting element to your outfits.

4. Buy longer tops

Longer tops will give the illusion of a thinner torso. Sitting down can make you look lumpy. Not only that, it can make you look shorter. A shirt that goes past your waist will smooth everything out and lengthen your look. A long top will also keep you from exposing your skin when you lean over. Shorter shirts ride up when you sit down. Wear them long, unless you want people to see your back or belly button every time you reach or stretch!

Now that you know how to select your clothing, don’t forget to use accessories to play up your favorite features. Necklaces, earrings, or ties can be used to draw attention to your face. And if you find it convenient to keep the rest of your wardrobe basic, accessories can be used as a way to keep you trendy.

Confidence and positivity are the best things to have while shopping. There are many styling possibilities for wheelchair users. Just remember to focus on what makes your body look fabulous, not what everyone else is wearing.


Author: Annie Beth Donahue is a professional writer with a health and disability focus.