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Invacare Mattresses: Prevention and relief of pressure ulcers

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Pressure ulcers are a very real risk for people requiring long-term bed rest, and a mattress should deliver uncompromising quality to reduce that risk. Invacare mattresses offer premium and premier mattresses combining innovative design, excellent pressure redistribution, and a high level of comfort and support. With durability and cost effectiveness a predominant feature of Invacare mattresses, even very high-risk patients can benefit from ulcer prevention during convalescence.


High quality care for high-risk patients

Invacare mattresses come in many different forms, and top of the range items offer patented designs and increased durability. For very high-risk patients, the Softair Dynamic Mattress is essential for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers,  offering  a unique combination of superior pressure redistribution, comfort, and optimal positioning.

Equally, Softform Premier Active 2 Hybrid mattresses provide patients optimal pressure redistribution at the push of a button. The Active 2 Hybrid offers a clinically proven therapy, combining a foam mattress with ‘active’ alternating air cells beneath to provide both prevention and treatment of severe pressure ulcers. These mattresses deliver excellent pressure redistribution and ulcer prevention for convalescing patients. 

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Excellent quality as standard with Invacare mattresses

Even the most basic Invacare mattress offers sturdy, durable construction, , providing comfort, relief, and prevention of pressure ulcers. The entry level Invacare Essential Plus and Softform Premier Original are perfect examples of quality and cost effectiveness. The Invacare Essential Care and Essential Basic mattresses provide  high standard mattress solutions for patients with basic needs, offering comfort and pressure redistribution for non-high-risk patients.


Mattress features and options

Due to the wide variety of Invacare mattresses available, there are many options and features to choose from. These versatile mattresses provide uncompromising quality, and specialist items are available depending upon your needs.

  • Softform Trolley mattresses are suitable for x-ray. They offer comfort, support, and interim pressure care. Coming in a wide range of sizes, Softform Trolley mattresses live up to the needs of a busy hospital environment.
  • Softform Premier Spinal Mattress offers a dual surface specially designed for spinal injury. Dual foam inserts offer variable surface depending on the type of injury, offering soft or firm support.
  • Softform Premier Visco Mattress with SRT cover is a memory foam mattress offering exceptional pressure redistribution and support. The high density visco elastic foam insert is temperature sensitive to the body, allowing it to conform perfectly to body shape and minimise peak pressure areas.
  • Softform Bariatric Mattresses are suitable for use with all profiling beds, and is an ideal choice for patients whose needs cannot be met by a standard product. With a maximum user weight of 340Kg, this mattress offers a high level of comfort whilst providing effective pressure redistribution.
  • Softform Premier Fully Sealed (FS) mattress is a high spec product, clinically proven for excellent performance in high risk environments. The mattress is fully sealed with no access to the foam insert, with a cover made from Crib 7 rated durable multi-stretch PU fabric.
  • Softform Premier MaxiGlide Mattress provides exceptional pressure redistribution thanks to the patented design of this high spec product. The innovative glide mechanism significantly reduces friction when used with an electric profiling bed. Whilst the top surface of the mattress provides excellent support and comfort, the base separates to conform to the dimension of the bed.


Invacare cares

A trusted name in providing healthcare products for over 100 years, Invacare offers exceptional support mattresses catering for even the most challenging medical environment. Mattresses  for prevention and relief of pressure ulcers during convalescence and rehabilitation are an essential part of care during a hospital stay or time in a care home, and choosing the right product for your needs will ensure a comfortable experience for patients during a trying time.


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