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Parenting tips after a spinal cord injury

parentin tips
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Parenting is no easy feat, let alone with limitations arising from a spinal cord injury (SCI). But there are considerations you could make to ease things up.

Below, we explore some ideas that can make parenting easier despite your SCI.

Safety first

Children tend to get involved in activities that could get them hurt. Therefore, you should put safety measures in place. The level of such measures will largely depend on your mobility and the age of your child.

For example, if you are raising a young child but have limited mobility, it is worthwhile to have measures in place to protect him/her when your spouse and/or other adult family members aren’t home with you. Consider locking up certain rooms or doors that lead outside the home to prevent your child from going where he/she could get hurt.

Have an emergency plan in place

The severity of injury and level of mobility can mean you are unable to help in emergency situations. Though this could be difficult to accept, you have to be realistic. Have a plan for getting help when emergencies arise. A medical alert bracelet or an optimized emergency911 call button can help you reach out to emergency services promptly.

Maintain close contacts

That you’ve lost some of your physical ability doesn’t mean you aren’t able to create a deep bond with your child. Don’t get weighed down by your infirmity. Instead, ensure you forge a strong relationship with your child. Help them with their school work, have a regular discussion with them about their lives, go out on family outings etc.

Instill discipline

Due to mobility restrictions, you may no longer be able to physically discipline your child. Nonetheless, do not spare them totally. By way of counselling or scolding, you can still ensure discipline in your home. Also, try rewarding them for good behaviour and expressing disapproval for bad behaviour.

Seek help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. Raising children is not an exclusive reserve of you and your spouse. Sometimes, you even need a break to prevent getting overwhelmed. Cousins, aunts, uncles, even neighbors can assist you with parenting tasks routinely.

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