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Does your local beach have a beach wheelchair?

beach wheelchair
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For many wheelchair users, hitting the beach for some fun in the sun is often seen as pretty impossible.  

Our wheelchairs get caught in the sand, we often have to do some rather undignified crawling or shuffling moves if we want to feel the sand between our fingers and toes, and it can literally take weeks to remove the traces of the beach from our chairs after one quick trip! However, these difficult situations can all become a pleasantly distant memory, thanks to beach wheelchairs.  Say hello to these chunky and funky bits of equipment that work seamlessly on land and in water to make beach trips a total breeze – your new adventure awaits!

How to find a beach wheelchair near you

Beach wheelchairs are slowly becoming the trendiest bit of beach mobility equipment around.  They have four, large buoyant wheels to glide over sand and aid floating, so you can go in the water as well as on the beach! Many beach wheelchairs are often moulded into a similar shape as a sun lounger, too, so you can get your tan on just like anyone else! To find out if your local beach has a beach wheelchair, look on the website or ring your local council.

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And if they don’t yet have one, don’t forget to suggest that they should invest in one to make their beach more accessible and inclusive to everyone. With these great bits of equipment, wheelchair users having to sit on the pavement whilst the rest of their family members enjoy time on the beach is thankfully a thing of the past.

Top things to consider to before hitting the beach in your wheelchair

Even when a beach wheelchair is available and ready for you to use, trips to the beach can take quite a lot of preparation.  Here’s a few things you need to remember before you soak up the sun-rays or splash around in the sea:


  • Pack well! – Although very fun, beach trips can sometimes be dangerous.  Don’t forget suncream, a good hat, a towel and plenty of water for your day in the sun; you’re going to need them!
  • Do your equipment research – Your local beach might have a beach wheelchair, and they might also have accessible beach walkways, accessible bathrooms near the beach and even equipment to help you stay safe in the water.  Make sure that you do your research first to ensure that you have the best time possible.
  • Take a companion – As great as they are, unfortunately beach wheelchairs cannot be self-propelled due to their chunky, bouncy wheels and laid-back backrest.  If you’re looking to move around on the beach, it’s highly likely that you’re going to need some helpful company – for some gossip and an ice-cream journey, as well as physical help!
  • Get ready for the sand to stay – There’s no avoiding it so you might as well embrace it; sand is going to get EVERYWHERE, and make its mark for weeks to come.


Beach trips can be so much fun for everyone, and beach wheelchairs are definitely helping to make the sun, sand and sea lifestyle all the more possible and enjoyable for those of us who are disabled.  Get in touch with your local council and beach today, and see what they have in-store for you on your next roll in the sand!