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Top 5 accessible destinations you should consider for your Christmas Vacations!

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Christmas is a time for family, good food, sharing memories, and generally just celebrating all that we have to be grateful for – but where in the guide book on ‘how to do Christmas’ does it say that you need to do all of this within the confines of your family home?

Many people consider spending Christmas in various locations around the world; and you can too thanks to this handy run-through of places to visit this festive period, all with accessibility and inclusion for all kept firmly in mind.

Mistletoe in Manhattan – New York, United States of America

When listing iconic Christmas movies, few can afford to miss out the likes of Miracle on 34th Street and Home Alone 2 – both of which were set in a very festive New York City. From winter strolls through Central Park to the bright lights of Broadway, there’s something to capture the imagination of everyone heading to the ‘Big Apple’. With many of the city’s hotels, attractions, public transport, and restaurants barrier-free and inclusive for all – NYC is a wonderful place to visit any time of year – so why not at Christmas?

Santa in the Sun – Sydney, Australia

Everyone should experience Christmas in the southern hemisphere at least once in their life – so why not give Australia some consideration? Whether it’s accessible beaches you’re looking for, or Kangaroo’s in Santa hats; you could do a lot worse than picking Sydney when choosing a far-flung travel destination to spend your festive period at. With beaches such as Collaroy offering wheelchairs which roll on sand, and disabled toilets with adult changing spaces, you’re sure to have a fun family day out, and of course, a potential splash in the sea – a novelty for many during the ‘winter’ months.

The Magic of Christmas Markets – Munich, Germany

When thinking of Christmas, you’d be forgiven for immediately turning your minds eye towards the pretty glowing lights and aromatic smells of a German Christmas market. The Christmas markets in Germany are an age-old tradition and should be on everybody’s Christmas bucket list as a must do! Munich is one of Germany’s prettiest cities, and their Christmas market is hosted right in its centre – with a magnificent tree erected every year covered in dazzling lights. Not only does it make for the perfect Christmas location, but it’s also incredibly romantic – which may come in handy if you’re looking to woo someone special over this festive holiday. 

Island Festivities – Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sometimes we all just want to get away from the hustle and bustle and feel like you’ve disconnected from the world. What better time to do so than at Christmas, when the spoils of social media and emails are best left unattended, as you switch your focus entirely towards family fun. If you’re looking for somewhere rugged and remote, yet utterly beautiful, then why not consider the Isle of Skye in Scotland – with gorgeous accessible lodges available throughout the Christmas period. Britica in particular is a fantastic accessible property with a roll-in shower wet room. 

Greetings from Santa’s Grotto – Lapland, Northern Sweden/Finland

Who DOESN’T want to visit Santa for real? Nothing says Christmas quite like taking the kids (and big kids too) to see Santa Claus in magical Lapland. From Huskey drawn sled rides, to sipping eggnog in front of roaring fires, you can find it all and much more here. But what if you’re travelling with a wheelchair? There are a number of accessible options available when considering Lapland. 

So there you have it, just a few suggestions to consider when looking at options this Christmas, or for a festive break some time in the future. If you’d like to see more travel related posts, such as five accessible things to do in Berlin then why not check out the rest of what Invacare’s Passionate People’s blog has to offer. Merry Christmas, everyone! 


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