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Toilet Frames Are One of Those Little Things That Change Your Life for the Better, Big Time

toilet frames
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It’s easy to think  that all good things must somehow be complicated, big, heavy, expensive, or hard to achieve. Luckily, the truth is often quite opposite, and joy can and does come from little things. If you have mobility issues, one of these things are toilet frames, definitely.

A toilet frame is a beautifully simple aid that fits onto or around a toilet, with the goal of helping you more easily and safely maneuver the space around your toilet when they’re sitting down and standing up.

Basically, it’s a frame typically made from coated metal – not unlike a walker in appearance, or a wheelless rollator – with a sole purpose of providing support and extra stability to the user when he or she is using the toilet itself.

So simple, yet so versatile

What sets toilet frames apart from other toilet aids is their versatility, which is made possible by many features they can offer to the user. To illustrate this point, a toilet frame can be just that, a simple metal frame with two, or even just one handle for support. Or, it can be much more than that.

For example, most common types of toilet frames will have two handles, ferrules for added stability, and armrest for enhanced comfort and support while sitting. They will usually also be height-adjustable, like the Invacare Adeo C407A. On the other end of the spectrum, toilet frames can also have foldable handles/armrests to help with transfers in the usually quite confined space of a toilet, and some even come with features that allow them to be used as toilet seat raisers, or as a commode with the toilet pan with lid – all depending on individual needs of the user.

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Lost in options? Don’t be

With all these options, you’re surely wondering what kind of toilet frame is right for you. Well, your first consideration should be the available space in your toilet or bathroom. Toilet frames are made to fit snugly in small spaces, basically hugging your toilet seat, but you may need a wider aid or the space around your toilet seat may be unique in some way, so make sure that the toilet seat you intend to buy fits in your toilet while providing adequate support.

The second most important feature you’re going to need to think about is durability. Thanks to advancements in technology and materials, most toilet frames will probably be very lightweight and still able to support users weighing up to 100 kg or even more. However, make sure your toilet frame of choice can support your weight.

Finally, the details. As we’ve described, toilet frames come in many shapes and sizes, and some of them offer various additional features. Think about your needs and preferences, but also consult with people who you share your toilet and bathroom with, whether they’re your family members or care professionals.

Just like the song

It may seem like a minor thing, but a toilet frame can really and greatly improve your quality of life. After all, everyone has to visit the toilet at least a few times a day, and for some of us, that’s not just a hard thing to do, but it’s also potentially dangerous. Make your life easier with a toilet frame. You know, just like Kitty Kallen sang in 1954 – “Little Things Mean a Lot”.